Life Cycle Asset Management

Track it like a PRO when you track it with LiAM

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Do you offer support?

Yes.  Our User Guide and Training Videos are designed to take you step-by-step through most of the features and functions of LiAM.  You can purchase remote support in our store or solicit a quote for on-site support.

Why is LiAM so relatively inexpensive?

The better question may be why are enterprise-level systems so complex and expensive!  We designed LiAM to give your organization the same features and functions found in these higher-level systems in a simplified manner and at a fraction of the cost.  Your users will love it!

Why Microsoft Access?

Most employees are familiar with the look/feel of Microsoft programs.  Access is a desktop application that integrates well with other office applications like Excel enabling you to drag/drop data from LiAM datasheets right into Excel!

Does LiAM work in the cloud?

No.  LiAM is designed to give you FULL CONTROL of your data.  It works stand-alone for single users or over a corporate local area network for multiple users.  We have also built in features to allow LiAM to work completely off network to capture audits and inventories!

Do I need a DBA or other infrastructure?

No.  LiAM satisfies most companies requirements without the need for expensive DBA's or server infrastructure.

Do you provide consulting services?

Yes.  We can handle everything from simple download and installation to full process mapping, tagging, data loads/migrations and training.