Life Cycle Asset Management

Track it like a PRO when you track it with LiAM


For optimum performance, we recommend using the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Access.

To get started...

1.  CLICK HERE to download the LiAM folder and then copy it to your desktop.  The LiAM folder contains the LiAM_d# database.

2.  CLICK HERE to download the LiAM user interface from our RESOURCE page and then copy it to your desktop.

3.  Double-click the LiAM_u# file on your desktop and follow instructions to link it to the LiAM_d# database

4.  Activate your license within 30 days to take your asset management program to the next level!

Need help?

CLICK HERE to view our download video!

CLICK HERE to request assistance or call (833) TRY LIAM!

CLICK HERE to download a free version of Microsoft Access (IF, and only if, you do not already have Access on your workstation)

SimpliSolv LLC makes no claims or warranties.  User assumes ALL risk associated with the download, installation and use of this program.