Life Cycle Asset Management

Track it like a PRO when you track it with LiAM

LiAM was built by an Asset Manager for Asset Managers!

LiAM is a feature-rich and POWERFUL!

Track key asset components

Monitor warranties and maintenance

Capture transaction history

Create customized fields and events

Provide secure, multi-user access

Perform bulk uploads and updates

Add attachments and notes

Drag and drop data right into Excel

LiAM is DISTINCT and in a class by itself!

Built by a Certified Asset Manager

Familiar Microsoft Interface

Easy to use / Easy to Maintain

Affordable lease or purchase

No contracts

No expensive annual support

No cloud or DBA required

Training and upgrades included

LiAM is a TRUSTED choice for 

Defense Contractors and Sub Contractors

Programs within Large Companies

Repair, Test and Manufacturing Companies

Transportation Authorities

Mechanics and Machine Shops

Schools and Universities

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Office and Computer Facilities

As a Certified Professional Property Manager and a certified Microsoft Access Specialist, I built LiAM to help companies that cannot afford or support Enterprise-Level Asset Tracking solutions take advantage of the same features and functions to help avoid the following...


The Alpha Corporation spent $18,000 to re-purchase a Spectrum Analyzer that they bought only a year ago but could not locate.


The Beta Corporation spent $15,000 to repair a high-speed sorting machine because they failed to track their warranties and renewal options!


The Delta Corporation spent $37,500 repairing a $35,000 asset because they lacked a resource to track/identify how often it was repaired.


The Echo Corporation lost a $42,000 fiber optic analyzer when a subcontract manager failed to log it as on-loan to a subcontractor.


The FoxTrot Corporation lost $105,000 in potential revenue because the contract they were bidding required a formal asset tracking program.


MAXIMIZE RE-UTILIZATION!  Why buy when you can re-utilize what you have!

DON'T RUN OUT!   Maintain minimum levels of inventory to keep you up and running and reduce priority shipping expenses!

MINIMIZE DOWNTIME!   Monitor maintenance, lubrication, cleaning, adjustments, servicing and re-torque schedules.

AVOID RECALLS!   Insure that all of your equipment is calibrated BEFORE you build, test and ship it to your customers!

OPTIMIZE TRADE INS!  Know when to trade assets in to achieve maximum resale value.